Friday, January 24, 2020 - Randy Uasin Gishu Women Rep, Gladys Shollei, has landed an aging white man after she parted ways with her husband of 25 years through a divorce case.

Glady’s husband, Sam, filed for a divorce accusing her of infidelity and one week after he was granted divorce, he married a new woman identified as Faith Rono.

Faith was Sam’s junior when he was a CEO at the Standard Media Group.

They started their affair when she was a newspaper  correspondent and helped her rise through the ranks to become the head of corporate affairs at the giant media house.

The Kenyan DAILY POST has learnt  that Sam’s ex-wife, Gladys Shollei, has also moved on and is currently dating an old white man who is almost approaching 60.

Photos that have surfaced online show Gladys and the aging white man getting romantic like horny teenage lovers.
They love wearing matching outfits and going out for vacations and from the look of things, they are madly in love.

See pics.


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