Thursday, January 16, 2020 - On Wednesday, heavily armed cops that included the dreaded General Service Unit officers unleashed terror on residents of Kasarani, who were protesting against the poor state of the Kasarani- Mwiki Road.

The demos were peaceful until police started shooting at unarmed citizens, leaving 4 people dead and several others injured.

A 19 year old identified as Steve was among those shot dead by police.

He was shot as police engaged residents in running battles.

A rogue cop shot the young boy on the chest and killed him on the spot.

See photos.


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  1. Idiot, those are blank bullets used for training purposes and cannot kill anyone. The boy must have had some other deadly condition that caused him to die of either fright, shock or whatever but not by being shot. Otherwise show us a rifle bullet hole. The foam at the mouth suggests other cause of death not dummy rounds placed on the chest.

  2. Those that kill by the sword will die by the sword