Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - A grown up man was busted on top of a lady busy drilling her in a public park.

The sexually starved man went to a thicket in the park and started "working" on the lady missionary style but his sweet moments lasted for less than 2 minutes after he was busted on top busy pumping in.

The sexually starved man attempted to run away after he was caught red handed but the guy who busted him started filming and demanded for "protection fee"  from the randy lovers.
He threatened to leak the video online if the horny lovers  who had transformed the public park to a lodging failed to honour his demands.

They ate humble a pie and dished out money to the extortionist, to stop him from leaking the video.

However, he went ahead and leaked the video and embarrassed the randy lovers despite receiving the "protection fee".

Watch the dramatic video.

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