Thursday, January 16, 2020 - Citizen TV anchor, Lilian Muli, is sick and tired of people poking their noses on her love life.

The sassy media personality has shut down a troll who claimed that she has broken up with her husband and baby daddy, Jared Nevaton Ombongi.

It all started after the mother of two shared a meme on her Instagram that reads: “ “#2020 Tumeamua Bibi akileta Kichwa usimchape, mpandishe cheo awe Bibi Mkubwa #Endyearmensconfrnce”.

She then asked her followers to give their thoughts on her post saying:

“Haiya! I wanna hear your thoughts priss? Will you maintain shallap?... (Will you shutup?)... As for me kaba gue...”

Her post drew out mixed reactions from her followers with one follower identified as Ben Kenyan1 wondering if she had broken up with her shadowy Kisii baby daddy, Jared Nevaton, whom she once accused of being a ‘community husband’

@BenKenyan’s comment read: “@Kwani Ombongi amekuwa ex. Hawa Wakamba”
His comment seemed to rub Lilian the wrong way and she hit back stating that Ombongi is and will always be her husband.

She also sarcastically added that she has since moved to Kisii to live with her Baby Daddy.

“@BenKenyan1 … No! he is and always will be my husband… In fact nowadays I live in Kisii” she stated.

Sometimes back, Lilian stunned Kenyans when she humiliated Mr. Ombongi on social media, calling him a community husband and a serial womanizer.

However, it appears they have since patched up their differences and are living happily together.

In July last year, Lilian and Jared threw a lavish birthday bash for their son, Liam Francis, as he turned one year.


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