Monday January 27, 2020 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga may be seriously sick going by what he said on an interview on Sunday evening.

Raila, who was being hosted for an interview with NTV’s Special Assignment reporter, Joseph Warungu, made some blunders that indicated that the old man is seriously sick or he needed a lot of sleep due to his advanced age.

In one instance, Raila, 74, said that he first met Deputy President William Ruto in 1978 when Ruto was first elected as Member of Parliament for Eldoret North.

“I met DP Ruto in 1978," Raila said.

Deputy President was born in 1966 and according to Raila Odinga, he joined parliament at 12 years.

According to a doctor who watched Raila Odinga’s interview, the former Premier is suffering from dementia and that is why he was stammering and was not in a position to know that Dr. William Ruto was elected as Eldoret North MP in 1997.

Here is a video of Raila saying Dr William Ruto became an MP in 1978.


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