Saturday January 4, 2020 - Kimilili MP, Didmus Barasa, has declared that he will not support leaders who want to change the constitution for self-benefit.

Speaking during the Bungoma County Grants Scholarship ceremony at St Mary's Kibabii High School, the MP assured residents that their needs would come before those of the Government. 

"What this country needs is selfless leadership that is driven by problems that affect its people.”
"As an MP, I want to tell the people of Bungoma that when we go back to Parliament this year, I am going to be driven by what affects this country but not what affects the government," he declared.

Barasa further stated that he will team up with MPs from the opposition to ensure that the Government was held accountable for its actions.

"We will fight the ills of economic sabotage and ensure that we fight those who are driven by the interest of protecting their family businesses," he stated.

He added that while he was elected on a Jubilee Party ticket, he was more interested in working as a servant of the people.


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