Thursday, January 16, 2020 - Controversial Kenyan comedian turned Radio presenter, Oga Obinna, is on the receiving end from netizens after mocking a pregnant Tanzanian actress, Tausi Mdegele, who is suffering from dwarfism.

Obinna shared the photo of a heavily pregnant Tausi with the caption:

“Boychild has no limits chiso! @joewmuchiri @blakaende, who did this?”

However, the majority of his fans did not find it funny and told him off for mocking people living with disabilities.

While Obinna pulled down the post after the backlash, he has remained defiant stating that ‘These jokes don’t need Makasiriko’

“These jokes don’t need Makasiriko. Feelings receipts below? 

“John 8:7 now that I have your attention – Check my brand new jam on YouTube...and drop your hot comments there while you are still here before you go back to stalking other celebs and being moral cops..” he responded.

Check the offensive post that he has since deleted below.

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