Monday, January 6, 2020 - Outspoken Kandara MP, Alice Wahome, has revealed that undercover police officers have been trailing her following her attack on President Uhuru.

Last week, the legislator who is allied to DP Ruto, launched a scathing attack against President Uhuru terming him the ‘biggest existential threat to democracy and the economy in Kenya’

Speaking on a popular vernacular television station, Inooro TV, on Monday, the controversial MP, remained defiant and revealed that the State has been trailing her with the aim of digging up dirt that could be used to ‘silence’ her.
I told the President to be careful that some of the police officers, who are under Kibicho and Matiang’i, not to be used to destroy his Government and take us back to the days of the Moi Government when we spoke with a lot of fear."

When you speak like that, they direct all their surveillance on you."

“I know like now they have been following me looking for any mistake that I may commit."

“If you look at the recent trends, you will notice that all those who have been prosecuted on corruption cases are allies of the DP,” Wahome stated.


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