8 Ways to Improve Your Betting in 2020

The majority of the people bet for fun and don’t seriously think they’ll ever get rich gambling. While winning a jackpot may be a bit far fetched, by taking a structured informed approach, it is possible to win more than you lose.

To find success in betting one needs to put in the hard work and learn a great deal about online betting. For Kenyan players, this can be done via sites like MyBettingSites Kenya

But to be honest, no matter how much you learn, nothing is guaranteed in betting. Even the so-called ‘safe bets’. But the following information will improve your chances of winning;

1. Understand the concept of value: In principle, this is like successfully trading with stocks where you buy a particular stock when it is undervalued, as this means it is likely to appreciate later. Being able to spot value thus means that you can spot odds that are too high, consistently and systematically, and capitalize on those opportunities. Skipping matches with unfavorable odds will give you an advantage over the bookmaker. Spotting value is in essence about judging probabilities more correctly than the market does, giving you a systematic edge.

2. Do an odds comparison: A bet at 2.00 odds may be an opportunity, though the same bet at 1.70 may be throwing away money. Do not have a favorite bookmaker, instead compare and contrast several bookmakers and the odds they offer. Settle on the bookmaker with the highest odds to maximize your profits is your bet ultimately wins.

3. Don’t celebrate for too long or dwell on the past; Don’t let a recent winning streak give you false courage and lead you to overstretch your betting amount limits. Similarly, have faith that the wheel will change in times when you have a losing run and don’t get thrown off your game. Stick to your analysis and game plan. Professional sports bettors understand this concept well.

4. Think long term: If you are serious about your betting, you need to think long term. Steadily build your bankroll, increasing the amount you bet on each game. Like any other serious investment, if you are patient and successful your bankroll will grow and you may make a living wage out of betting.

5. Understand basic maths: Betting is a numbers game and thus an adequate relationship with multiplication and division is important to have. To be successful long term in betting you need a viable staking plan rather than just betting on instinct.

6. Start with a sensible betting bankroll; Start with a betting bankroll capable of absorbing losses. Starting modestly with a viable bankroll and staking plan can turn into genuine profits in the long term so long as you find value regularly and stake more per bet. 

7. Understand how the bookmakers make the odds: Bookmakers like Betway Kenya determine their odds as a reflection of what they expect the general public to play, rather than on the actual probabilities of either outcome. Great value opportunities will, therefore, be found where the general public’s opinion is just plain wrong.

8. Bet on sports you understand; Successful betting starts with an understanding of the sport being wagered on. A clear understanding of the sport paints a bigger picture of all the possible outcomes of the match in terms of the points and scores between the opponents.

With these 8 ways, you are sure to win more than you lose this year.

Author: Daisy Chepkoech

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