Saturday December 8, 2019 - Kandara Member of Parliament, Alice Wahome, has said that she felt embarrassed at the unveiling of the Building Bridges Initiative report at Bomas of Kenya on November 27th, 2019.

Speaking during a women empowerment drive in Maragua, Murang'a County, that was presided over by Deputy President William Ruto, Wahome, a member of the Inua Mama Initiative, aired her displeasure in the manner in which the program was organised.

"There were things that happened in Bomas when we went for the BBI.”
“I was embarrassed because those who fought us were the ones running the show, we had to sit and clap," Wahome stated.

"Mr. Deputy because you are here and you work with the president, let me tell you, we are not meant to sit, clap and listen to Junet Mohammed talk," she protested.

Wahome warned that she will never attend any meeting about BBI that was not convened by President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP Ruto and demanded recognition when addressing matters of national unity.

"Any other meeting we will attend is one by the President and the Deputy, no one else.”

“And if there is a meeting, let our team be involved, let us speak, we have constituents who will feel represented," Wahome reiterated.

Leaders have faulted the planners of the BBI launch at Bomas, citing bias in the choice of leaders who addressed the gathering.


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