Saturday December 7, 2019 - The family of John Mutinda, 46, whose body was retrieved from the Indian Ocean at Likoni Channel, has spoken out after his death, following reports that he had an argument with his wife in the wee hours of Saturday morning.

The deceased drowned at 4:20 am after speeding into Indian Ocean despite efforts by Kenya Ferry Services officials to stop him.

According to reports, Mutinda hastily left the house, without wearing a shirt, and drove to the channel. 

"We received the news in the morning that the body had been retrieved.”
“We have not seen it yet, therefore, we cannot release a full statement."

"The wife can't also speak at the moment until we view the body.”

“However, before he left, he informed his wife that he had been called.”

“She followed him only to find out that he had left.”

"I was informed of his death in the morning by Reverend Paul Rugut, our pastor.”

“It was then that I rushed to the scene," Bernard Sila, the family spokesperson, stated as the deceased's wife stood alongside him.

Mutinda hailed from Kitui but resided with his wife and twin sons in Likoni. 


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