Friday December 20, 2019 - Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Mumbi Waiguru, has said she will not sue musician Kennedy Ombima alias King Kaka over Wajinga Nyinyi song.

On Monday this week, Waiguru through her lawyers said she will sue king Kaka for defaming her in the poetic song that went viral on Saturday.

Waiguru said that the remarks about her in the song are highly defamatory and depict her as an extremely corrupt woman who was engaged in the theft of public funds at the National Youth Service (NYS), claims which she noted are false.
But on Friday, Waiguru said that she will not sue the musician because she has realized that he is a confused young man who is seeking attention.

Having watched the antics of #kingkaka in the last couple of days with reports of fake assassination attempts and DCI summons, I recognize that he’s a confused attention seeking young man.”

“I have therefore made the decision not to proceed with the Kingkaka suit,” Waiguru said.

When she threatened to sue King Kaka, city lawyer, Ahmednasir Abdullahi, offered to represent the Kenyan rapper for free.


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