Saturday December 7, 2019 - Thirdway Alliance Party Secretary-General, Frederick Okango, has said President Uhuru Kenyatta is throwing tantrums because his bedroom has been invaded.

On Wednesday, Uhuru who toured Mangu, Kiambu County, lashed out at leaders for allegedly engaging in petty politics instead of service delivery.

Speaking on Radio Jambo on Saturday, Okango said that the President feels threatened having realized that he is under siege from, most likely his Deputy, William Ruto, who is turning the region against him.
The Secretary General said Uhuru is uncomfortable with the fact that politicians seem to be rebelling against him, and is trying to hit back, hoping to regain control of the region.

"Uhuru is shocked at how these leaders are defying him."

"In politics, you must come out when your bedroom is being intruded"

"(Rais akiangalia jinsi hawa viongozi walivyomuasi anashangaa. Kwa sababu katika siasa ukiona bedroom yako inaingiliwa unajitokeza waziwazi)," Okango said.

He added that Uhuru is also unhappy as it is the same group he expected to hold his hand as he works towards delivering in his promises, which is now turning against him.


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