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Friday December 6, 2019 - Renowned activist Ndung'u Wainaina has waded into the 2022 succession debate saying President Uhuru Kenyatta cannot be replaced by Deputy President William Ruto.

Wainaina labelled the duo as failures claiming that they were both equally responsible for the flopped Jubilee administration, which he accused of being corrupt and giving false promises.

"Let us be clear: Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are co-stewards of failed corrupt Jubilee Government and its false promises.”

“None can replace the other.”

“However, you cannot turn Ruto into bogeyman while shielding Uhuru!”
“Both carry individual and collective mess responsibility," he tweeted on Thursday.

He accused Uhuru of being responsible for the problems that the country is facing.

"You represent DNA and face of everything that has gone wrong in Kenya.”

“You have been part and parcel of a corrupt political establishment system responsible for things you purport to want to change," he stated on Thursday.

"Is it when all over a sudden he has been part of a system that is full of impunity, corruption and exclusion? He was part of Moi, Kibaki and now himself in office.”

“Why didn’t you talk about inclusion in the first term in office?" he posed in reference to Uhuru's support for the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.

Wainaina, who is the Executive Director of Africa Council on Human Security, has been a fierce critic of the Jubilee Government since it took over power in 2013.


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