Wednesday December 4, 2019 - Lugari Member of Parliament, Ayub Savula, has accused Deputy President William Ruto and his allies’ camp of plotting to scuttle the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report’s implementation. 

According to Savula, the DP is leading a plot to frustrate the BBI, through the Ndaragua MP, Jeremiah Kioni-chaired Constitutional Implementation Oversight Committee of Parliament.

Members of the committee have since received text messages to confirm their attendance of a 4-day retreat, where the theme is to discuss the document.

However, Savula has termed the meeting as a plot to frustrate BBI, stating that he will not attend the 'malicious' retreat.

"The report has not come formally to Parliament.”

“So how can we retreat to discuss something that is not before the House?”
“These are games being played by Ruto and his allies to scuttle the process,” he stated.

His remarks were echoed by nominated MP, Godfrey Ososti, who said that Kioni is already biased in favour of Ruto, and is up to no good.

He said that the latter had been attending Ruto's functions and is most likely working on his behalf on the BBI issue, which Ruto's allies want to be passed through Parliament.

"There is a conflict of interest.”

“Kioni cannot purport to be presiding over a matter of constitutional review when he is already biased.”

“He has been attending meetings of Tanga Tanga pushing for a parliamentary initiative,” he added.


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