Sunday December 29, 2019 - Senate Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen has criticised ODM leader Raila Odinga for demanding that Deputy President William Ruto resigns.

In a tweet on Saturday, Murkomen said Raila has proven beyond doubt that the Building Bridges Initiative was all about "Ruto Must Go".

"Our suspicions have been emphatically confirmed.”
“BBI was about “Ruto Must Go”.”

“They got very disappointed that nobody opposed the BBI report.”

“Now Tinga has told us BBI to him is a Breaking Bridges Initiative. Absurdity. @ahmednasirlaw @KIMANIICHUNGWAH," Murkomen tweeted.

 Raila had asked the DP to come clean on his source of wealth.

 He said that Ruto cannot purport to support the war against graft yet he carries money in sacks, looking for a church to donate it to. He demanded that time has come for Ruto to step aside for a lifestyle audit to be conducted. 

“Individuals are moving around with sacks full of money every Sunday looking for harambees to go and donate.”

“Until there is enough boldness to face those people directly and tell them to step aside we do a lifestyle audit on you, we are just scratching the surface,” stated Raila.

He noted that it is impossible for Ruto to have such kind of money and hence his source of wealth should be investigated.

“We need to hold the bull by its horn, which individual can be having that kind of money to dispense? Having delegations at your place and giving them 'kiinua mgongo', it is the impunity of the highest order," he added.



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