Thursday December 5, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta surprised Kenyans on Wednesday when he took his long motorcade from Nairobi to Thika to open a Sh 8 million dispensary in Mangu, Kiambu County.

According to renowned blogger and social media crusader, Robert Alai, Uhuru’s trip to Thika gobbled Sh 5 million of taxpayers’ money.

Alai also reminded Kenyans that Uhuru spent Sh 1 billion to purchase 100 clinic containers yet nobody has seen these containers.

“President Uhuru must have spent at least Ksh 5million in a convoy to go open a dispensary built at a cost of Ksh 8 million by @JapaninKenya.”

“Uhuru spent Ksh 1 billion on 100 clinic containers (each cost Ksh 10 million) but we haven't seen a single one working. Shame!!!,” Alai wrote
Other Kenyans have castigated the President for opening a Sh 8 million dispensary and threatening Kenyans during the launch.

“The Japanese used Sh 8 million to build a hospital in Mangu where the despot went to abuse and threaten Kenyans in his mother tongue only a week after he had misappropriated Sh 500M at Bomas and Sh 100 BILLION writing the #BBINonsense. That's enough for 100,000,000 hospitals,” said a Kenyan identified as Samuel Kimuri.

“He only goes to Kiambu to open small donor funded projects, hand certificates to recovering alcoholics, and talk matope.”

“This Uhuru chap amejaa mavi kwa kichwa.”

“He should unleash those tantrums to @FirstLadyKenya. Atuachishe upuzi wake,” Francis Gaitho wrote.


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