Tuesday December 31, 2019 - Senate Majority Leader, Kipchumba Murkomen, has proposed the scrapping off of a running mate's post because it will lack meaning when BBI as proposed by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga is passed.

Murkomen said that if Raila is pushing for a powerful Prime Minister yet we have the second in command then there would be no need for such a position.

In a series of tweets, Murkomen said that the Opposition Leader is lying to the nation that he has good plans when his aim is different. 
He said that it does not make sense to have someone who is appointed more powerful than an an elected individual.

“For as long as we ground our politics on deception and craftiness, we shall be having first terms characterized by Obama-Biden bromance and second terms full of wrangles targeted at finishing DP and the DP fighting for survival.”

“We better scrap running mate position until we become honest,” he tweeted. 

According to Murkomen, Raila’s call for a change in the structure of Government is good but Murkomen feels it is a scheme to make him rise to power when President Uhuru Kenyatta retires.

“This is pure deceit. How can you possibly respect the PM who plays no key role in the political victory of the President if you can’t respect the DP who formed a political coalition with the President?”

“If you can’t assign responsibilities to the DP better scrap the position and create PM,” he said.


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