Sunday, December 1, 2019- President Uhuru has lambasted his Deputy, William Ruto, and dared him to quit the Jubilee Government to focus on his 2022 campaigns.

A seemingly angry Uhuru stated that he has drawn the line and will no longer tolerate those intent on politicking at the expense of development.

Addressing a crowd during a stopover after officiating a Cadets pass out in Nakuru, Uhuru said:

“Serikali ni ya Uhuru Kenyatta, Kama Umeshindwa kustahimili toka nenda ukachape story zako”(The government is mine, if you can’t tore the line, you are free to leave)

He went on to speak in Gikuyu saying: “Mimi sichezangi nikiamua vile nimeamua, na nishaa amua tayari (I don’t joke when I decide on something and I have already made up my mind)

This comes days after DP Ruto was humiliated at Bomas during the launch of the BBI report.

Well Uhuru and Ruto may act like all is ok but one thing is clear, they are reading from different scripts.

Watch the video below.
The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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  1. Uhuru is in a cropper. He promised too many people Gideon. He may just be using Raila to get rid of Ruto.

    The constitution is very clear. The presidential ticket is for 2 people. The flag bearer or presidential candidate and his deputy. They are tied in the hip. The president can therefore not fire his deputy as he is also elected. They were each given an election certificate - Haikuwa karatasi tu. Uhuru can not fire the deputy. He can only resign and call fresh elections, then stand with a new deputy. But this is Uhuru's last term. Over to you bw. hasira. Umetukana wtu ati Tanga Tanga. Kibaki was also called a political tourist when he was Vice President.

    DP should sit pretty. The ticket was for 2 people. Hakuna mahali tunaenda bwana. Gideon should wait for his turn and seek Kenyan's approval.