Wednesday December 4, 2019 - Deputy President William Ruto surprised Nominated Member of Parliament, David Ole Sankok, yesterday after he visited his home.

The gesture by the DP almost left the MP close to tears.

The legislator, in a long post on his social media page on Wednesday, revealed that DP Ruto's impromptu visit to his residence had left him overwhelmed and humbled.

"I appreciate a great friend, a political mentor, and a great leader who is second in command in our great republic.’

“Ever since I met him during my university days and he saved me from crawling by buying me a pair of crutches when he was an Assistant Minister in the Moi regime, he has been my great friend and a mentor," Sankok gushed.

Sankok stated that the DP visited his entire family and staff at his restaurant, where he was honoured with a leadership symbol in form of a club by Sankok's father.

He revealed that the gesture by the Deputy President had touched him deeply and had renewed his conviction to fight alongside him in the race to take the top seat in 2022.

"Though he is my boss and second in command in the leadership of our country, his humility melts even the strongest of hearts.”

“I was so humbled and tongue-tied.”

“I was so honoured that his Excellency the Deputy President came to my home in all power and glory," he narrated.

Sankok marveled at the gesture by the DEPUTY PRESIDENT, stating that he had changed the community in a powerful way.


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