Tuesday December 10, 2019 - That famous Lord Errol Restaurant in Runda, Nairobi, is built on riparian land is a fact that is not new to any Kenyan.

When late Prof Wangari Maathai was alive, she protested the construction of the restaurant that is dined by who-is-who in the country saying it was destroying Mother Nature.

In fact, Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Waiguru, held an engagement ceremony there with her new husband, Kamotho waiganjo, last year.

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s family members always dine there and it is not surprising to find even the President “having one for the road” at the restaurant that is near the UN and neighbour’s Prophet Owuor’s new home.

On Monday, the restaurant that is rumoured to be owned by Gideon Moi with some shareholding allegedly held by some Brit, was closed after it flooded due to heavy rains.

Here are photos of the famous Lord Errol Restaurant that was built on riparian land.


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