Tuesday December 10, 2019 - Former Mukurweini MP, Kabando Wa Kabando, has reacted to news that the Government spent Sh437.7 million in its failed bid to capture the African Union Commission chairmanship in a campaign led by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Data submitted to Parliament shows that Sh437,776,982 was spent in the campaigns exceeding the set confidential expenditure by Sh52,095,299.

Commenting about the spending on Monday, Kabando lambasted Uhuru’s Government saying the money could have been spent to build cancer centres across the country.
Kabando said it time Kenyans demand change of leadership because merchants of graft have taken the country captive.

“Another mega scandal,”

“How many cancer centers could we have built with Sh437m?”

“And when we said Jubilee is captive to graft merchants we were insulted and fought?”

“It’s time to end this nonsense, and start afresh! KrollReport?,”Kabando said.


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