Wednesday December 25, 2019 - Elders from the Kikuyu community have expressed displeasure at the attire worn by allies of William Ruto during their visit to the Deputy President's home last week.

The ‘Kiama Kia Maa’ elders who were speaking to the press at Heritage Resort in Naivasha registered their disappointment over what they termed as 'misuse of the Kikuyu cultural attire'.

The elders led by chairman Ndung’u wa Gaithuma, faulted a Nakuru Member of Parliament for decorating DP Ruto with the Kikuyu cultural clothes.

They labelled the move by the legislator as disrespectful and an abomination citing that it was not right for leaders to perform such communal functions for money.
“We are deeply shocked by the extent that some of our politicians have gone to sell their cultural believes based on politics,” Ndung’u Wa Gaithuma said.

“The MP from Nakuru recently denounced this association and we were surprised to see him on TV adorning the Kikuyu cultural attire," he added.

The elders further claimed that leaders from the region who went to DP Ruto's home did not represent the Kikuyu community and called upon those who were involved in the distribution of the community attire to apologize.

“We condemn this act by some selfish politicians who decided to mislead the DP and they were not speaking on behalf of the community,” Ndung’u Wa Gaithuma stated.

The elders nonetheless made it clear that they had nothing against leaders visiting DP Ruto.


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  1. Even you guys do not represent the Kikuyu community. You are self seekers out there for the highest binder and pretending to represent Kikuyu Nation. When were you elected or selected to represent the Kikuyus? You are no better than the MP you are condeming. It is like the pot calling the kettle black.First seek the truth from the wagakikuyu on the ground before making any prouncements and pupport to represent us. That is what democracy is all abljut.