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Monday December 9, 2019 - ODM leader, Raila Odinga, has deflated ANC leader, Musalia Mudavadi, over claims he made about him in his recently-published autobiography.

Raila dismissed Mudavadi claiming that he suffers from serious amnesia that is why he cannot take him seriously.

"I do not want to discuss Mudavadi's book mostly because he suffers from serious memory lapses from the claims he is making," Raila Odinga stated.

Mudavadi's book dismisses Raila as a political player with a penchant for hiding his cards behind his back and stabbing other leaders in the back.

In his autobiography, he painted the case of Odinga's swearing-in as the ultimate betrayal saying that he kept the NASA leaders in the dark until he was sworn in.

According to Mudavadi, Raila had asked the NASA principals to announce the calling off of the swearing-in ceremony only to act surprised when the leaders went on air to make the announcement.
Mudavadi also took issue with Odinga's handshake with President Uhuru Kenyatta stating that Odinga went behind their back.

“There was not even the slightest hint that anything of this kind could be going on.”

“The handshake of Friday, March 9, between the two gentlemen, came as a shocker,” he writes.

However, Raila defended himself, saying that Mudavadi was only telling half the story to fit whatever narrative he intended to push.

"When you speak candidly to the other NASA principals over the swearing in ceremony, they will give you a different picture and not what Mudavadi is saying.”

“To me, he suffers from memory lapses and has stuck to the gospel according to Saint Musalia Mudavadi," Odinga remarked.


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