Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - Kenya Pipeline Company Chairman, John Ngumi, has been accused of awarding a tender worth millions of shillings to his side chick, to reward her for good sex.

The young lady, who is barely 35, was given a tender worth Ksh 25 Million to refurbish Ngumi’s boardroom in September.

Instead of advertising for the tender as required by law, the KPC boss gave the tender to his side chick directly.

Ngumi has in the past been linked to several corruption scandals, among them the looting of Ksh 1 billion at KPC where he is the boss.

He allegedly formed ghost companies to loot the State owned corporation through fraudulent tenders.

He was also linked to a Ksh 600 Million bribery scandal relating to a Government bond in Tanzania, when he was in charge of CFC Stanbic Bank’s East Africa investment arm.

The Tanzanian bond was handled by Stanbic bank and Ngumi was among those who received hefty bribes when the bond was floated.

According to Robert Alai, Ngumi operates with impunity because he is a close friend of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“Kenya Pipeline Company refurbished its boardroom in September (Tender No. KPC/PU/071-OT/18-19) at a cost of Ksh 25million.

The tender was awarded to the girlfriend of KPC Chairman, Joh Ngumi.

Chairman John Ngumi is still looting Kenya Pipeline because of his closeness to President Uhuru.

The President must get serious or stop pretending that he is fighting corruption .’ Alai posted.


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