Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - Panic has gripped residents living around Nairobi National Park after a stray lion mauled a man to death outside the Park on Monday night.

The lions devoured the whole body including the head, leaving a piece of his leg with a white sock on and a piece of the forearm.

The Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said it had launched a search operation to locate and sedate the stray lions

“We are reaching out to the family of the deceased with a view to visiting and consoling with them."

“KWS urges members of the public to stay calm and not to venture out at night until the lion is captured,” KWS said in a statement on Monday.
The incident happened outside the park’s southern side.

Cases of lions and other wildlife straying from the ring fenced park are not uncommon.

In March 2016, a lion was shot dead after it strayed from the park and attacked and injured a man.

In the same year, two lions were spotted wandering through Kibera, a densely populated urban slum, before returning to the park.


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