Monday December 9, 2019 - Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s son, Raila Odinga Junior, has asked elected leaders to be accountable to the people according to the Constitution.

In a post on social media following Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko’s arrest, Junior said the due process should be followed to ensure the corrupt are brought to justice.

According to him, corrupt people will always be cornered.

"Nobody is above the law, Elected leaders are all accountable as per the Constitution and to the General public, let the due process prevail and people be brought to account. Masiku Ni Arubaini," he wrote.
According to Haji, he has sufficient evidence to warrant the prosecution of Sonko as well as senior City Hall officials following a review of the investigation file handed to him by the EACC.

This comes even as Sonko has been accusing a section of EACC officers of witch hunt, insisting that there is a wider plot to beat him to submission given his fight against corruption.

Junior, has in recent weeks been accusing Sonko of mismanaging Nairobi, raising issues about poor infrastructure and lack of general coordination.


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