Tuesday, December 3, 2019 - The family of the late former Cabinet Minister, Njenga Karume, is in mourning yet again.

This is after the late powerful Minister’s daughter, Jane Mukuhi Karume-Kihato, who has been a key figure in her father’s inheritance row, passed on.

She has been instrumental in the mediation process between a section of her siblings and the administrators of her father’s multi-billion estate that has been going on for years.

While the cause of her death is not known, she will be buried in Israel according to an obituary published in local dailies.

Karume had eight children out of which three have died including Joseph, Kennedy, and Jane.

This comes days after Karume’s granddaughter, Michelle Wariara, died while receiving cancer treatment in the US.

Wairiara penned a viral letter before her death complaining that she did not get the much-needed treatment because she was unable to access her grandfather’s vast wealth.

My final wishes, I would like you all to take a minute to reflect on my current situation, because it has taken courage, compassion and faith in God to overcome and get through every day.

It is with a heavy heart that it has come to this, but I am running out of time here.

I kindly would like to know the way forward because it is such a terribly long time since I was on treatment.

What is the purpose of my grandfather's wealth if it alone cannot benefit someone as myself when it comes to my healthcare purposes? Karume’s granddaughter wrote before her demise.

At the time of his death seven years ago, his wealth portfolio was estimated to be Sh40 billion.

It included a chain of high-end hotels, real estate, coffee and tea plantations, manufacturing and shares in blue-chip companies


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