Monday December 30, 2019 - National Assembly Majority Leader, Aden Duale, has warned President Uhuru Kenyatta over the negative effects of the handshake.

Speaking during an interview yesterday, Duale, who is also the Garissa Town MP, claimed that the handshake had more negative effects than Uhuru ever anticipated.

He revealed that the incident had created a rift within the ruling party by destroying the internal bridges.

"It has destroyed Jubilee’s internal political bridges, destabilised our party’s political strongholds, undermined the constitutional officeholders, and has killed NASA (National Super Alliance) bridges," Duale stated.
The firebrand politician further alleged that the handshake had planted seeds of discord, caused confusion and political tensions.

"The political tensions have seen the emergence of political gangs, abuse of the rule of law by civil servants and disenfranchisement of communities.”

"Mr. President, you meant well in the interest of the country and the unity of our people to embrace the handshake, but it has left your party, supporters and Kenya more divided than ever," he continued.

He went on to remind the President that his statements of criticism were not negative but from a good place because he considered him a friend.

"This I am saying to you as your friend, as my boss, and as a person who is really proud of your achievements since you were first elected President in 2013," the Garissa town legislator further noted.


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