Sunday December 22, 2019 - The seemingly growing dalliance between Ugandan President, Yoweri Museveni, and Kenya's Deputy President, William Ruto, hit an all-time high on Saturday when the latter was hosted in Kampala.

Ruto would later Commission The William Ruto Institute of African Studies at the giant Makerere University in the Ugandan capital.

However, DP Ruto's visit to Uganda and his subsequent meeting with Uganda's President, who has been in power for 33 years, has irked Museveni's local political rivals who have now asked the DP to keep off Ugandan politics after Ruto reportedly claimed that Museveni is the right person to continue leading Uganda.
"Ruto should be careful.”

“He is hanging around a falling tree, it might fall with him," Forum for Democratic Change party leader, Kizza Besigye, told Dr. Ruto.

Dr Kizza Besigye is Museveni's longtime political rival, who has lost in four straight presidential elections to the incumbent, with the latest being the 2016 poll that saw the veteran opposition chief put under house arrest on election day.

Ruto's alleged endorsement of Museveni's rule in Uganda might put him in bad books with the country's opposition leadership that has for decades fought tirelessly to get rid of Museveni.


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