Thursday December 19, 2019-Former Makadara parliamentary aspirant, Brian Weke, has said King Kaka new song Wajinga Nyinyi will be irrelevant after Christmas holiday.

King Kaka had been all over the headlines lately, courtesy if the song where he brands Kenyans fools for making poor political decisions during elections.

Weke says that though it appears to have provoked the thinking of of Kenyans, it will not in any way change them and by the end of the festive season, they will have forgotten.

He termed Kenya a funny and forgetful country where people go back to their old thinking almost immediately after a warning.

“This King Kaka issue is currently a heated debate, but when we come back from Christmas it will be gone. Kenyans are very funny, they forget very we quickly (Hii mambo ya King Kaka saa hii imewaka moto lakini wacha tuende Christmas turudi itakuwa imeisha. Wakenya are very funny, they forget very quickly," Weke said on Radio Jambo on Wednesday.


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