Thursday December 26, 2019 - Former Njoro Member of Parliament, Joseph Kiuna, has lashed out at Kikuyu politicians who were hosted at Deputy President William Ruto's Sugoi home on Thursday last week.

Kiuna took the issue with the trip, which he termed "tribal", noting that the leaders have better issues to deal with, which directly affect the lives of the people who elected them.

He stated that they should be focusing on remedies to the worsening prices for agricultural produce and such matters, instead of pushing for personal gain at Ruto’s home.

"Our country is faced with tens of challenges including poor farm prices but instead of addressing this some MPs are leading tribal delegations for their own selfish interests,” Kiuna stated.

But in a rejoinder, Bahati MP, Kimani Ngunjiri, defended going to Ruto’s home, claiming the meeting was to foster unity between Rift Valley communities.

The Sugoi meeting was preceded with another one between the Kikuyu leaders and their Kalenjin counterparts outside Silverline Hotel in Eldoret Town, where they shared mursik (sour milk) as a show of unity between the two sides.

Ngunjiri said that the unity is in a bid to avoid post-election clashes between members of the two communities ahead of the fast-approaching 2022 general polls.

"We, as Kikuyu leaders in the Rift Valley, better understand the problems we’ve undergone every election year and we can make our own decisions without pressure from any quarters.”

“Our people should never turn against each other again,” said the firebrand lawmaker.



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  1. Ukabila galore. These are Kenyan MPs like any other. To visit their DEPUTY PRESIDENT and second in command is no surprise unless one lives in cloud cuculand.

  2. He should have asked them to declare how much each person received for the visit! We are not idiots we know they are in it for the money!! And can we have a complete list of the visitors. I am sure there will be some ex parastatal chiefs in the delegation angling for jobs and to protect their loot!