Friday December 20,2019 - A section of Kenyans have now petitioned the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) to remove the name of Busia Senator, Amos Wako, from their team after the US issued him with a travel ban.

Kenyans led by lawyer, Donald Kipkorir, said that the Senator should resign from the position to pave way for a probe into graft allegations facing him.

The lawyer said that it doesn’t make sense for a graft
suspect to form part of a team that wants to heal the past wounds.

“US revoked the visa of Senator Amos Wako for “serious corruption” ... We aren’t privy to the details."

"The US is the world's pre-eminent power & our Big Donor. .. It’s only the most Moral, Honourable & Decent thing for Wako to resign from both BBI & Senate till he clears his name,” Kipkorir said.

Wako, however, came forth and dismissed the travel ban moments after it was issued.

He said that his woes date back to the time he was the Attorney General.

Wako served as an Attorney General of Kenya from 1991 to 2011.


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