Saturday December 7, 2019 - Police have issued a stern warning to anyone intending to hold a demonstration following Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko's arrest on Friday.

In a statement signed by National Police Service's Director of Corporate Communications, Charles Wahong'o, Sonko's supporters were cautioned against causing unrest in the city.

"We would wish to inform the public that we have reports that a group of individuals is mobilizing to cause civil unrest.”
"The general public is, therefore, warned that persons intending to assemble, demonstrate, or picket must do so with respect and adherence to the law," read the statement.

Further, the police assured the public that the Governor's arrest will be processed in accordance with the law.

"Kenyans should remain calm and not be intimidated by the social media messages in circulation," an excerpt from the statement read.

On Friday, December 6, the Nairobi Governor was dramatically arrested together with his co-accused.

According to the police, the Governor obstructed the officers from conducting their duties by being unruly and violent during the arrest.

"In the process, he assaulted and injured the senior police officer leading the team and damaged media equipment," NPS informed.


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  1. Mike Mbovu aka Sonko is now finished , he was behaving as if nairobi is his bedroom...you went and poured poooop at Jacaranda ground and demolished TAJ Mall...Nairobi hii si ya mamamko....you are a wanted criminal who escaped from Shimo- la - Tewa prison and you though you were holier than thou.....I can assusre you will never set your ass back at city hall office