Sunday December 8, 2019 - An outspoken Jubilee Party Senator has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to stop getting angry whenever he tours Mt Kenya region which happens to be his political backyard.

The last three times Uhuru has toured Mt Kenya region, he has lambasted elected leaders and according to nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura, this is not good for Mt Kenya electorate.

Mwaura urged the President to avoid anger when things appear not to be going as he expected.
"Let Uhuru not expect the end of the noise, that's why he is annoyed; he thought BBI will end the noises"

"(Uhuru asitarajie kelele zitaisha, and that's why he is annoyed. Alitarajia BBI itamaliza kelele)," Mwaura told Radio Jambo on Saturday.

On Thursday, Uhuru scolded Mt Kenya MPs who were questioning the BBI from the start, before shifting to opposing the proposed referendum as a way of implementing the report.


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