Thursday December 5, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta lashed out at his Deputy, William Ruto, and his allies in Mt. Kenya on Wednesday over their anti-BBI rhetoric.

Speaking in Kikuyu dialect during the official hand over ceremony of Mang’u Dispensary Outpatient Block in Kiambu County, Uhuru said that his silence should not be taken for weakness.

He warned them that they will pay dearly for engaging in early 2022 campaigns and opposing the BBI.
"My silence makes them think that I am dumb."

"Even before the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report was released, they were traversing the country while engaging in politics.”

"The report has now been launched and they have now taken a different direction," an angry Uhuru remarked.

He went ahead and stated that leaders needed to focus their time on engaging in projects that help citizens.

"Instead of engaging in different projects like the construction of such hospitals, they are busy making rounds in the country, holding meetings and politicking," an agitated Uhuru stated.

The President further stated that it was only God who knew what would happen in 2022.

"When I keep quiet, they think I know nothing, but when the time comes we will know what to do," he concluded. 


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