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Tuesday December 24, 2019 - Deputy President William Ruto has indicated that he fully supports the BBI report, as long as the changes will be presented to Kenyans to make a choice. 

Speaking in Luanda, Ruto said that he will not agree with any leader or group with intentions of bulldozing the recommendations without involving citizens.

“Today, I’m not opposing anything, I support the contents of the BBI report provided it is passed by Kenyans and not a handful of people in a boardroom.”
“The power of choice has always been with Kenyans and it shall always remain that way,” remarked Ruto.

The DP said that he will support whatever Kenyans choose, be it a parliamentary or presidential system of Government.

“If they want a parliamentary system, presidential system or whatever name it will be called, so long as the people decide, it is fine.”

“I have never known Kenyans for being unable to make their own independent decisions,” added Ruto.

Ruto has called for a quick implementation of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report, noting that the quicker the report was implemented, the better for everyone.

“We should finish up with this BBI thing to avoid wasting crucial time that we could be concentrating on developing this country,” remarked Ruto.


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