Sunday December 29, 2019-For the last two years, National Super Alliance (NASA) leader, Raila Odinga, has been questioning Deputy President William Ruto’s source of wealth which he claims is in the tune of billions.

On Friday, during an interview with Citizen TV, Raila asked Ruto to explain how he makes his money that he generously dishes out in his numerous visits across the country.

“Which individual can have such money? You are bringing crowds and crowds of people each and every day slaughtering chicken and paying for their transport and giving them petty cash, what is the source of such cash?” Raila asked.

But in a Facebook post on Saturday, nominated MP, David Sankok, explained Ruto’s source of money.

Sankok said Ruto has invested in different sectors among them avocado farming, hotel business, insurance, salary as the DP and shares in the media.

"He export avocado's fetching him billions. He gets millions from his hotels. He gets millions from his insurance firm. He gets millions as the salary of DP. He gets millions from his shares of media. His wife sells 3 million eggs daily. His farming business and estates give him millions," Sankok stated saying Ruto is a billionaire thanks to his many investments.


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