Thursday, December 26, 2019-There was drama in Kirinyaga County  after a  Kikuyu woman destroyed her husband’s car and reduced it to scrap metal over cheating allegations.

The woman smashed the car’s windscreen with stones  and removed all the lights as the public watched in shock , to punish him  for neglecting his family for a side-dish.

When she was arrested, she was unapologetic on what she did.

The woman narrated how her husband has neglected his family to a point of not providing food and school fees  for their daughter.

She has tried to report him to the authority for absconding his parental duties but her efforts bore no fruits.

She claimed that her husband of 9 years spends most of his time and money on his mpango wa kando.

On the day that she caused drama, she busted her husband’s mpango wa kando with the car.

The mpango wa kando  escaped after the jilted  woman started causing drama, prompting her to destroy the husband’s car, reducing it to scrap metal.

“ I even wanted to lock myself in the car and torch it.” The woman said and revealed that she contributed her own money to buy the family car that her husband had given to the mpango wa kando.

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