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For true football fans, it is very important to stay updated on important matches, which can sometimes dramatically change the current situation in the tournament. Thanks to all soccer live scores available at the presented platform you will always be at the center of events and will be able to clearly analyze the current situation on the football fields.

The current season in Ligue 1 is not much different from the previous one in terms of the struggle for leadership. The lack of intrigue in the fight for the first place is due, first of all, to the crazy cash influx from the sheikhs to PSG. The Parisians are confidently leading the standings, although they have lost a bit compared to the previous year. Apparently, two stars — Mbappe and Neymar — did not decide whether they should sign a new contract with the club or look for another place to continue their careers. 
Among the other participants of all soccer live scores, we’d highlight Olympic. The club confidently settled in the list of contenders for the Champions League. What is its secret?

  1. In summer, the team from Marseille got a new Portuguese coach — Andre Villas-Boas — who became famous exactly because of his successful work with teams made of young players.
  2. Effective game of the striker Dario Benedetto.
  3. A lot of young talents whom the club got at very low prices.

Assessing the current season, PSG has no direct competitors for the next champion title, but two other vacant places for the Champions League will be scratched in a tough struggle.

Most surprising Epl results in current season

Everyone watches the development of events in the English Premier League with great pleasure. And it is not for nothing, since this tournament is one of the most unpredictable and is often called the strongest among all the world leagues. With each new round, the Epl results never cease to amaze the audience. In which championship is it possible that a team from a lower division climbed up the standings and won the tournament. And Leicester was able to do this. The team overcame the Championship, reached the Premier League and won the trophy on the first try. By the way, it should be said that before the start of that season, bookmakers accepted bets on the Leicester’s champion title with the odds 1:5000.

Then, the club had such talents as:

  • Jamie Vardi
  • Riyad Mahrez;
  • N’Golo Kante.

This season, Manchester United and Arsenal unpleasantly surprised the fans. The teams with such a rich history and excellent selection of performers lose their matches over and over again. Perhaps the problem of their Epl results is in the management approach to transfers or a frequent change of coaches.

The question regarding the participants of the European cups from the Premier League is always resolved in the final rounds. Strong clubs with large investments demand the highest results.

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