5 Ways to Study Abroad for Free

Studying abroad always sounds like an intriguing and adventurous endeavor, especially for students who avidly write on various persuasive essay topics and will now get a chance to try out their rhetorical skills within a multicultural context. Turning the life upside-down, immersing into an entire culture, meeting people you would not have ever met are but a few activities one could expect from studying abroad. Unfortunately, education is not always affordable, which creates paywalls between people and life-changing experiences. However, there are ways to bypass the paywall by choosing a good strategy that allows studying abroad while not spending a penny on education!

Direct scholarship

Studying abroad does not always mean studying at a private university. Sometimes, it can mean studying at government-backed universities in different countries, which has advantages and disadvantages. If you are good at English, you might try to study in English-speaking countries without having to learn the language of the target country. Germany, Norway, and many other European countries offer great and valuable education for free on par with other citizens, but you have to learn their language first. So, if it so happens that you speak a foreign tongue, then it is a potential gateway to study abroad in free universities on equal terms with citizens of the target country. If you are committed to one particular university, you can even try learning a new language, but it is you to decide whether it is worth it or not.

Student exchange programs

Some universities engage in student exchange programs that do not always require another student to complete a pair. So, there is a chance to study abroad even if there are no candidates to go to your local university from the partnering university. It is a common practice to exchange students between universities in different countries, so you should check the availability of options at your local university’s website. Plus, do not forget colleges, which can also provide such opportunities.


Some companies need a qualified workforce more than anything else. In some cases, they are ready to fully or partially pay for one’s education, provided that the individual would work for this company for a few years. If living abroad is your priority, it might be a great chance to combine studying abroad and freeing yourself from the burden of searching for a job after graduation. Obviously, it is not so easy, as a person has to demonstrate why it has to be him/her who is worthy of substantial education expenditures among all the possible candidates.

Information Technology, Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, and other areas where professionals are scarce are the best places to start fishing for an opportunity. Chances are, if you are really interested and passionate about such fields (the list is not limited by them!), you might be able to prove worthy of being granted financial aid from a foreign company. Do not underestimate the hunger for professionals globalized companies have nowadays!

If you are feeling extremely passionate about a particular field of study, you may try your luck and try to get a scholarship or a grant. This way is perhaps the hardest of all, as it requires a lot of effort, far more than typically demonstrated by peers. On the other hand, it is one of the most rewarding methods that allow studying for free without having to work for anybody after graduation. So, you would only have to work hard before applying for a scholarship or a grant. The payoff comes when the graduation happens, and you are free to work for employees who would be thrilled to hire a scholarship winner.

Be a Volunteer

Volunteership is a great way to travel and study abroad for many people, regardless of the country of origin. 

Volunteership does not mean studying in a university, but rather receiving experience through engaging in professional activities. A school graduate can go abroad teaching English to kids if his/her proficiency level is enough for the demands of the organization. Being a teacher opens the gates to be a part of the volunteer team, creating opportunities to change the field of expertise with time.

As can be seen, there are plenty of ways to study abroad for free. Not everything in the world should be purchased with cash, as there are ways to monetize your brain, efforts, and the ability to find unpopular paths in life. These were the five paths taken only by a minority of people who chose to invest their time, risk losing the connections they had in their homeland, and dive into the unknown. Hopes for better future drive people to be extremely persistent and motivated to win scholarships and grants, be volunteers and help people, apply directly to foreign universities, and even become obliged to work for a company if it proposes to pay for education. There are plenty of ways to choose from, and you have to determine the way that suits you best. Perhaps you do not need to study abroad in the first place? Or maybe you can pay for education abroad and have an easier time during the process? If it is not about you, then the five presented ways should help you out in your journey!

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