Friday November 29, 2019-In a bid to foster equality, the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report has made drastic proposals that might see Kenyans share public facilities with top state officials going forward.

For instance, the report states that Cabinet Secretaries will have to use public hospitals and send their children to public schools, should it be approved and implemented as it is.

The report indicates that since it is the Cabinet Secretaries who manage these facilities, they should be subjected to the very same.

“If it is good enough for Kenyans, it should be good enough for you…”

“All Ministers should use public facilities and services.”

“These principles should be reflected in the Counties with the County Executives,” the report reads.

Currently, public hospitals are grappling with a shortage of drugs and recurrent medic strikes, problems citizens could share with their CSs should the report be implemented. 



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