Wednesday, November 20, 2019 - The murder case of business woman, Monica Kimani, who was found dead and her throat slit in her Lamuria Apartments on September 2018 has kicked off in earnest.

A witness, who was in Monica Kimani’s apartment on the fateful night, has revealed his interactions with Jowie Irungu, who is the main suspect in the gruesome murder.

The prosecution witness identified as Lee Omondi, narrated that he had gone to Monica's house to collect a log book she had helped him get processed and that he had found Jowie and another man introduced as Walid already at the apartment.
Omondi explained that Monica had noticed Jowie wearing a kanzu which was unusual.

"Jowie said they had an operation in Lamu and had brought an undocumented person from Lamu to Nairobi."

"He even said he had taken a house in Eastleigh for the operation," Omondi told the court.

Mr. Omondi added that he left Monica's apartment at some minutes to 11pm and he had left Jowie in the house with Monica.

"Joe is the one I left at Monica’s place the night she was killed."

"He described himself as a security person working with Interpol and at the Office of the President."

"He offered to get me a firearm," Omondi narrated.

"As I was leaving, Monica told me that Jowie was to leave immediately but the accused interjected saying ‘I can even sleep here, the house is big enough," the witness stated.

Jowie and his then girlfriend, former Citizen TV anchor, Jacque Maribe, are the main suspects in the gruesome murder.

Maribe was granted bail while Jowie has been languishing in Kamiti Maximum Prison since his arrest.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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