Monday, November 18, 2019 - Embattled Nairobi Governor, Mike Sonko, has narrated his ordeal at the hands of EACC detectives during his grilling about corruption at City Hall.

The flamboyant County boss claims that while he has been cooperating with the detectives and presenting himself at Integrity Center when summoned, he has been treated like a prisoner.

In one occasion, Sonko claims that detectives subjected him to a humiliating search where they forced him to unzip his pants for a ‘through search’

Speaking during an interview with a local Radio Station, Sonko said:

“I presented myself at EACC and cooperated.”

“They removed my shoes.”

“Told me to unzip and they searched my private parts for cameras and other things.”

“Specs, mobile phones and belts were all taken away.”

“The second time, it was the same thing with threats and a lot of intimidation.

He added:

“I was treated like a prisoner even though I was only a suspect.”

“By the third time, ata wao walijua enough is enough.”

“Nliwaambia hakuna mtu ataguza sehemu zangu sa siri.”

“Walikuwa wanavaa gloves wanaingiza vidole wakiangalia kama uko na cameras.”

“Hizo mavidole nilizigonga mateke nikawaambia sitakubali hii ushenzi tena”

He went on to dare the EACC detectives who are working on his case that he won’t be intimidated.

“Kesi kwangu ni kama parte after parte.”

“Ni kama celebration” he said.


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