Thursday November 21, 2019 - Thirdway Alliance Party Secretary-General, Frederick Okango, has revisited the 2018 truce between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader, Raila Odinga, terming it useless and the beginning of Kenya’s economic problems.

The two leaders came together in March last year and based their re-union on nine pillars they seek to achieve, among it a successful war against the corruption menace.

Speaking during an interview with the media, Okango questioned the effectiveness of the handshake, saying that most of its goals remain far from being achieved, among them the purge against corruption.

He observed that a year and months later, no serious action has been taken, bringing the handshake under focus.

"These leaders said that they are uniting to fight corruption, why is it that nothing has happened since they shook hands?”

“Hawa viongozi wawili walisema wanaungana mikono ili wapigane na ufisadi, mbona tangu washikane mikono hakuna kile kimefanyika?," he posed.

Okango pointed out that instead, persons who have been implicated in graft have been seen becoming bolder, including engaging in campaigns, including the Kibra one.

According to him, some are deep inside the offspring of the handshake itself; the BBI taskforce, in reference to Busia Senator, Amos Wako, who was banned from setting foot in the US over his involvement in endemic corruption.

"Why is it that those mentioned in graft are in the forefront in the push to amend the constitution to strengthen the war on graft?”

“Kwa nini wale waliotajwa katika ufisadi ndio walio katika msitari wa mbele katika kubadilisha katiba eti ndiyo tupigane na ufisadi?" he wondered.


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