Thursday November 21, 2019 - Thirdway Alliance Party Secretary-General, Frederick Okango, has accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of losing touch with his citizens and lacking knowledge about their needs.

Speaking on Wednesday, Okango said Uhuru has lost touch with reality facing Kenyans to the extent that he can openly admit to not knowing why Kenyans are broke and facing tough economic times.

According to him, this points at a ruler confined within his upper economic class and not bothered to do a follow up on the lives of his citizens, the majority who are poor.

He advised the President to take note that Kenyans are suffering and take the necessary steps to salvage them, as a leader who swore to protect them and their lives.

"The president as a meat-eater has demonstrated that he is unaware of the grass-eaters' woes.”

“But I would like to request him one thing; let him act, talking will not solve anything,”

“Rais kama mla nyama ameonyesha hajui shida ya wala nyasi.”

“Lakini ningependa kumwomba kitu kimoja; kuongea hakutasuluhisha chochote, achukue hatua," he said.

On his part, political analyst Gerald Bitok said the falling economy is the nation's biggest problem, faulting the Government for focusing on pushing Counties to pay pending bills rather than focusing on reviving it.

"Our problem is the economy, not Sh40 billion pending bills.”

“It’s the economy and corruption”

“Shida yetu ni uchumi, sio Sh40 billion pending bills.”

“Shida yetu ni uchumi na corruption," he opined.


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