Saturday November 2, 2019-Former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale on Friday found himself in a fix trying to explain to netizens a tweet from 2017 where he was harshly criticising Deputy President William Ruto.

The former Ikolomani MP tried to deny any knowledge of the tweet but Kenyans on Twitter were quick to call him out for his 'selective amnesia'.

In the May 27, 2017, tweet, Khalwale who was replying to a tweet by an account parodying the President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto's campaign slogan Uhuruto Tena (Uhuru and Ruto again), outrightly declined the call to action using very specific words that would come to haunt him. 

"Come support Uhuruto re-election bid. We give you SCS @KBonimtetezi. Vindu vichenjaga (things change)," Uhuruto tena tweeted.

Khalwale's reply was a flat "No thank you."

The next tweet from the parody account went on to beg the former senator who was in the race for the Kakamega Senatorial seat.

"I tell you why. You have no big position in NASA now and in the near future. Come get SCS now and you deputise my friend Ruto I 2022. Deal?" Uhuruto added.

Khalwale's next response was the tweet that has come back to bite him as he had claimed he would never work with DP Ruto.

"On matters of governance, your DP and I are like the South Pole en the North Pole. They will never meet," he stated.



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