Wednesday November 6, 2019 - Renowned blogger and social media crusader, Robert Alai, has revealed the right individual who should replace Hussein Mohamed at Citizen TV.

Hussein, who was talented and articulate in his presentation work, left Citizen TV last month in search for greener pastures.

Citizen TV, which is owned by Royal Media Service (RMS) under the captaincy of SK Macharia replaced him with Waihiga Mwaura.

Alai said Mwaura was not a match for Hussein and Citizen should have replace him with Yvonne Okwara.

Alai said Yvonne Okwara, who is also a Citizen TV Presenter, is talented and she can match Hussein Mohamed.

“’Yvonne Okwara could have been a better replacement for Husein in NewsNight."

"Waihiga is too shallow and clueless most of the time."

"More of a watermelon interviewer,” Alai wrote on social media on Wednesday.

Sources said Hussein may be headed to Qatar based media house, Al Jazeera.


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  1. pole sana Alai or what is your name you are really tribal on this so so sad