Monday, November 4, 2019 - Spanish Online Laundry startup, Mr. Jeff, is set to open 32 stores in Kenya by December as part of their global expansion plans.

Dubbed the ‘Uber of laundry’, customers will order laundry services from the comfort of their mobile phones just like you hail an Uber taxi.

Once a customer makes a request for laundry services, a delivery man will pick the dirty clothes and return clean clothes within 48 hours.

Mr. Jeff was started in Spain and has since grown to Brazil, Mexico, Latin America, Asia and Kenya is their first port of call in Africa.

Julio Suero, Mr. Jeff’s Head of Expansion for Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East, spoke recently to a local daily on the startup works.

“We have subscriptions and single orders.”

“For the subscribers, they will receive discounted prices for their laundry which will be about Sh4, 000 per month for a maximum bag of 10 kilograms of laundry.

“We also have the smallest package of Sh2, 500 for half the capacity.”

“For a single order it will be a bit higher in price.” He said.

On whether they have a specific target in mind, Mr. Julio said:

“We really don’t have a specific target of clients.”

“Our target is everyone who needs to do laundry but of course there are some sectors interested than others.”

“The 25 to 45 year old persons who are usually users of any online app like Uber and Glovo are more of our target.”

“But also to the traditional persons we got them covered that’s why we have the physical stores.”


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