Thursday November 28, 2019 - President Uhuru Kenyatta's cousin, Annah Gathecha Nyokabi, has revealed how his rise to power affected his relationship with the larger Kenyatta family.

Speaking on Thursday, the former Kiambu Woman Representative noted that the President's interaction with his relatives, including those close to him, had deteriorated owing to the demands of the job.

Nyokabi noted that Uhuru no longer attends family meetings as frequently as he used to before since he assumed office in 2013. 

So demanding is the job that he recently skipped another personal event in order to attend to the tragedy that befell West Pokot County.

"He missed a function because of the West Pokot disaster and it’s just a matter of accomplishments that he is set out to achieve that makes it important for him to ensure that he is available for Kenyans.”
"He needs to ensure that he is available to deliver on his legacy project and deliver for the members of the country," she explained.

"What I am saying is that the duty to Kenya comes first before family.”

“He swore to that responsibility when he took the oath of office that was one of the things that he pledged himself to," she continued.

Nonetheless, she said the family members understood how demanding his job is and were okay with him prioritising Kenyans. 

"We understand and ensure that we give him as much support as possible so that he can deliver on his mandate to the public.”

“It is very important for us because the family has given blessings to his role in the country and that overshadows everything," she remarked.


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